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So Plumerai has teamed up with this company Unraveled Artists that designs t-shirts based on song lyrics.  It has a little interview about the song as well.  The price point may seem a little high, but when you think about how many people are needing to get paid (band, shirt designer, shirt printer, shipping, etc) it’s reasonable.

I’ve started some work lately on getting rid of some trash around the house.  Basically the admission that their will not ever be a Silber museum.  Is there a reason to keep the laptop that broke down that I did all the Silber work on for ten years?  Is there a reason to keep 15 year old magazines that reviewed a Silber release?  Is there a reason to keep stuff recorded in formats I no longer have a player for?  Of course not.  I mean, it would all have value in the museum I guess, but not in anything approaching real life.  It’s all just trash.  It’s kind of sad to admit that things that in a way are important to you are just ephemera that you should have thrown out ten years ago instead of holding on to.  In a certain way it makes me feel like my whole life is just a waste & trash, but in another way it’s super liberating.  I’m trying to focus on the idea that it’s super liberating.  I just got a letter from Dave Sim that talked a bit about my taking a break from my stuff (for those of you who haven’t seen the couple of blog entries or the intro to the last QRD, I’m trying to wrap up a few things & then take a break for a while to figure out what the goals of me as an actual 38 year old are instead of continuing to be a 19 year old with 19 years of experience) & his view of me worrying about life without doing the work that’s been so important to me for so long is that most people don’t really have work that’s important to them at any point in their life.  So I’m just in the boat with everyone else.  It’s good to have someone else to give me perspective some times.  It’s easy to forget the blessings in life.

So part of the reason I am trying to clean up some things & clear space is so that I can set up to record on a regular basis & have it stay set up.  I might try to do something where I record a ton of little albums for netlabels or something.  You know, records that are just one day to record & one day to mix or whatever.  It’s also worth noting I do still have the sales where you can get five discs for $30 or twelve discs for $50 if any of you want to help me cleaning up the basement.

I laid out & printed out some copies of the Insomniac sketchbook/comic thing that I’d posted last week.  I guess eventually I’ll add it to be on sale on the website.  I don’t know.  I’ve been a little frustrated with sales lately & it seems like there’s not much reason to bother.  I have been thinking about doing a Kickstarter where the thing that people pay for is for me to send a bunch of comics to random coffee shops & comic shops & art galleries in hope of making new fans as the internet really doesn’t seem to be cutting it & the Bottle Comics didn’t really work out either!

I got in the art from Arabella Proffer for doing my proposed artist button series.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Going to be five button sets from five different artists for 25 buttons total.   I like the idea of doing a project that helps spread the word about something someone else is doing instead of just pushing my own agenda.  I want my friends that are great artists to be more widely known & make more money than they do.  We’ll see what happens in the end.

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  1. Nick says:

    Try to save the old magazines at least…