Pedal Help

Got some more work done on the artists trading card project.  About 20 folks allegedly contributing, we’ll see what happens.  If it works out I’ll try to make a non-profit about it & get some grants.

Started the first draft of Worms #6.  Hopefully more serious work on it tomorrow.

Got some preliminary photos for the Vlor “Watch Me Bleed” music video.  My fingers are crossed on it being awesome & well received.

I’ve got a musical equipment question for you all.  As some of you might know I have a pet peeve that the stomps on things like Rats & most true bypass switches have an audible click when you step on them.  I’m not talking about within the signal path, but the actual noise of stepping on the mechanism.  Does anyone know a cure for this?  I was thinking if I put rubber washers so the mechanism isn’t touching the rest of the box it would be less loud.  My dad suggested putting some styrofoam in the empty portion of the pedal to help absorb the noise.  Has anyone done any experiments with this or had any luck with anything to make it not sound like a stray drum hit when they cut on a pedal?

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