Artist Trading Cards

Today’s main project was working on stuff for the Silber Artist Trading Card Project.  I sent out emails to a bunch of folks & went through Ebay finding folks to contact who might be interested in contributing.  So we’ll see what all happens with it.  I am pretty optimistic about this as me being able to do something that I find fun & exciting that utilizes skills I have.  Please help spread the word to potential contributors.

I cleared out a bunch of Silber MP3s from my computer as it seems like to sell them I need them at higher quality than I had them saved at anyway.  I can’t tell if my computer is performing better or not for having 5 gigs of free space instead of 1 gig.

Going to try again at getting the digital store working before sleep.

I was sent a link today that seems to be a guy who offers residencies by just letting artists stay at his house for a week to work.  Kind of an interesting idea.  But also potentially creepy.

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