Patricia Russo, Demo, Rivulets, Dream

So long time fans of QRD may remember that it used to somewhat regularly contain short stories that were generally one or two pages & one of the primary contributors was Patricia Russo.  Well, she just got a collection of her short stories published (by a place in the UK) & the easiest place to buy it from is Amazon.  Anyway, it’s making me think about making some bookish things myself collecting things from QRD.  You know, when I have the time.

I did some demo recording for a project I’ll wait to announce until I see if it comes to fruition.

Rivulets has a new CD out that you can buy over at his Bandcamp page.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m doing vivisections to extract bits of brain to inject into my grandmother to replace the decayed mass from Alzheimer’s.  I’m scared she’s going to end up with other people’s memories & end up an even worse mess.

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2 Responses to Patricia Russo, Demo, Rivulets, Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    did patricia write the story about the aliens yanking dudes nuts off as a party prank?