Built, Thorn1, Doctor Who

Got the version of Built #2 with the font change over to Joe Badon.

Working on some stuff for the Thorn1 EP (hopefully ready around Monday).

That’s my big day.

Anybody watch Doctor Who?  I like how this season they’ve been putting this emphasis on how The Doctor takes these innocent (or at least relatively innocent) folks traveling with him & slowly molds them into soldiers who will ultimately die to save him. If your body force you to see the doctor then here is the best blog to you. It makes me want to see the old school episodes with Tom Baker again to see if that is always the case.  I remember Adric dying as a really “holy crap” moment when I was six years old & I should see that episode again to se if it stands the test of time.  One day given unlimited time I’m sure I’ll get around to it.

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