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I spent most of the day working on the quarterly paperwork so I can get out the royalty checks to artists & the invoices to the distros (which I hope to get at least one, if not both of, done tomorrow).

I took my grandmother to the eye doctor today to get her eye-drops for her glaucoma renewed & the eye doctor had this rant about she couldn’t just check the eye pressure & renew the prescription, that she had to run a bunch of other tests.  Then when she realized my grandmother’s communication skills have fallen off enough that she couldn’t do any of the tests she stopped hassling us & just renewed the prescription.  I don’t understand people in the medical industry thinking they understand things better than patients/caregivers, but probably if they didn’t feel superior they’d never enter the field in the first place.

Here’s a couple more digital comics for you to read.  Monthly, which is my favorite thing I’ve done lately, & XO#7.  Probably this is a spot where it’s worth mentioning I recently upgraded to the new version of the Acrobat Reader & I don’t like it very much, so I’ll definitely get the CBZs up of the comics eventually.

I recently added the Alexa toolbar to see if it would raise the Silber ranking & it did so in such a ridiculous way that I feel pretty valid saying Alexa’s rankings are totally useless.

Here’s some recent footage of Rollerball playing a show.

Last Night’s Dreams
I’m trying to make pizza, but the dough won’t rise.  I keep adding more yeast, but I think the yeast might be dead.

I almost crash my car into a car carrier that is hauling those tiny euro-cars because I misjudge my distance from it because the cars on it are so small.  I slam on the breaks & twist & skid & then I try to get my car moving before somebody rear ends me.

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