Taxes & Downloadable Comics

So I guess I finished my taxes today in that I found out Silber made so little money (part of this is that I had a couple of distros that went under last year that owed me some money that I had to eat as a loss) that I don’t legally need to file federal taxes for 2010 & I’m going to assume the same is true for the state.  I don’t know if I should send the paperwork in anyway since it’s done.  It’s kinda depressing because it makes me feel like I don’t exist in a certain way.

I’m working on making the digital versions of some of the new mini-comics so I can get the promo campaign going for that.  So here’s Lost Kisses #21 & Ultimate Lost Kisses #12.  I’ll be getting you some more as the week goes on.

I did the layout for a couple comics associated with upcoming Silber Record releases, we’ll see if I can art in for them in time for the releases.

I got in about 300 photos from the Silber 15 year show from David Haught.  I will eventually get some stuff up for that.

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