On the Road

So a lot has happened since the last blog.  I got most of the stuff mailed out for the comics Kickstarter.  Still working on getting the digital versions of the comics done for the subscribers & to send out as promos.  I’m on the road with The Independents (currently in Texas), so my ability to work on things using a computer is slowed down.  I did write a short story & a couple entries for Nostalgia Equals Distortion & Finally Checking It Out that I need to type up & did a little work for some press releases.  Took some photos for making some of those animated gifs I’ve been doing.  I’m hoping to get the time to do all that in the next day or two, but we’ll see how things go.

Recent Dreams:
I’m at the gates of heaven on trial.  One by one, all of my friends & loved ones keep going on the stand testifying that I am a liar & a thief & a generally bad person.  The truth hurts & there’s no defense for the things they are saying.

I’m on tour with The Independents & when we wake up one morning there’s been a flash flood & the van & trailer are floating away in the distance.  Will turns to me & says, “Please tell me you didn’t put the heads on the floor of the trailer.”

My parents call me because I’d left town with the dishwasher running & had accidentally used a Tide-to-Go packet instead of a Cascade one & when they got home the kitchen was flooded with bubbles.

I’m DJ-ing for a college radio station remotely from a live event in a coffee shop with two teenage girls who are my cousin’s kids (though I’ve never met either of them before).  I only have a CD discman for playing music, so I have to stop between each song & talk on air while switching discs & cueing up the next song.  I’m told I need to move some equipment around to make room for people to sit down in the coffee shop & there’s five minutes of dead air because of it.  I can’t wait for my set to end.  One of my cousin’s kid’s set is next & is supposed to be about the influence of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” & I’m curious what her song picks & stories will be.

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