Old Guitar, New Printer, Other Stuff.

I actually did some fooling around with recording today.  I pulled out my japanese surf guitar that I used to hate & it seems kinda cool to me today.  It has a narrow neck & I had it strung with only three strings (which seems like the kind of thing I’d remember having done, but I haven’t looked at the guitar since 1998 & probably haven’t played it since 1996.

I got my new printer & evidently “full color scanner-fax-copier-laser printer” means black & white laser printer with a full color scanner.  Which is kinda fucked up to me.  But I’m too lazy to return things.

Tomorrow Bryce Eiman of Weather Machine is having a pretty major surgery.  So if you’re the praying or hoping type, there’s your info.

Remember a few months ago (or was it years ago?) MySpace did the thing where you could have a MySpace email address?  Well I finally just tried mine out & it doesn’t work?  What’s funny about that is some folks I’m in contact with I had switched over to contact them via email to their MySpace email address & I guess that means they haven’t been getting the messages.  Awesome.

I think I’m going to start collecting label names from playlists at stations that traditionally support Silber & contacting some folks about placing ads that way.

I’m growing a scruffy little beard thing to use for some photo shoot stuff for Mecha.  Still haven’t decided what to do on the manufacturing of it.

I started trying to grow some cactus seedlings the other day.  There actually is a why to it.  I’m planning on having them as merch eventually for Small Life Form.

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