Lotte Kestner, XO, Built, QRD

Did the layout for the Lotte Kestner digital download booklet.  Sent it to Anna-Lynne for approval.
Did some minor editing of a track on her record & got the approval of it.  It was a little click noise that shouldn’t have annoyed me as much as it did, so I just reduced it’s noise by 50% & left it in so it still had the live recording integrity.

Did the minor re-writes & layouts for the mini-comics XO#7 & Built #1 & sent them for the artists to draw.

Sent out some more emails for the guitarist interview series for QRD.

Chatted (via email) with Sam at Projekt about some things missing in my pitch for getting ads on QRD.  I didn’t mention the number of visitors QRD gets a month, which over the past year is 9000-10,000 per month.  I hadn’t really checked the stats on it before & was surprised it was that high with no regular new content.  Equally interesting I suppose is that I’ve gotten I think one donation over the past year.

I accidentally found out how to make a playlist on MySpace.  I guess I need to use that feature at some point….

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