Not a Lot Today

I finally designed a little business card for myself today.  I guess I really should’ve done it about 15 years ago.  Of course now I need to find a place that does them at a price I feel is reasonable.

Looking like things are getting a little closer with the digital shop actually happening.  It’s nice to get it feel within my grasps again as I really think it is the future as far as Silber being able to grow as the music industry changes.  When a dozen extra artists suddenly appear on the roster you’ll know that things went through on the digital shop.

I got a coupon for the place I was looking at for getting bottle openers made last year, so I think I’m going to go ahead & get them made.  I need to check the prices.  Maybe the prices went up by the percent off I’m getting.

Put a bunch of Sarah June CDs in plastic.  I know I should just spend a day putting the rest of the Sarah June & Moodring discs in their plastic sleeves, but it some how just doesn’t sound too exciting.

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