Nostalgia Equals Distortion & other stuff.

Okay, no posts on it yet, but I did a lot of work for the new blog Nostalgia Equals Distortion –   If it is successful I have an idea for another themed blog….

Did some more work on proofing for the next QRD.

Designed an ad for next month’s Delusions of Adequacy.  I like that site & their ads are cheap.

Sent out some emails about promoting  30 Seconds of Time to bloggers that focus on free releases.

I just watched that new movie Monsters.  I suppose it’s a cross between Cloverfield (which I’ve never seen), District 9 (which I’ve never seen), & 28 Days Later (I’m saying this mainly because of the post rock soundtrack).  Probably could’ve spent my time better doing something else.

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