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I got out the solicitations to distros for the Northern Valentine disc today.  Which feels like I really got something accomplished.  Under a month out & the street date is when I’m on tour with The Independents, which is poor planning on my part but all I can do is hope for the best.

I got the initial layout of the SPACE anthology done & sent off to Bob Corby.  I think he’s opting to do the layout for the physical version, which will be a load off my shoulders.  At least there’s one less thing looming over to be done.

I got in the wooden boxes for making the box sets.  I also ordered some smaller boxes for people who just want to grab two or three books.  Anyway, still taking money on the Kickstarter Campaign for people who want stuff.  I will have more comic stuff for sale direct after the campaign is over, but the prices will be higher.

Here’s a little video Chris Olley made about his studio/work environment.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn) quit his job at the comic book shop where he’s worked for over 20 years for a part time job at & art supply store.  He tells me over a beer in an old house that has been converted into a bar.

I’m writing in a notebook using a ballpoint pen with the nib broken off guiding the ink with my finger.  It’s making a fucking mess….

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