Getting Ready to Promote

Today I finished making the digital versions of the mini-comics from the past year (hard to believe I didn’t bother to send out any promo stuff for that long).  Tomorrow I’m hoping to get up the webpage for it & to start sending out the promo info to comic folks & seeing if maybe some of those comic folks mention my Kickstarter.  Then I’ll send out promos for all the digital servicing of the new music releases (trying to keep everything promo’d at once like this, I have no idea if it helps or hurts, but it’s a little easier for me).  I noticed today that there was a Kickstarter campaign that I looked at as totally ridiculous that made funding.  This girl was selling a subscription to her full color quarterly comic book for $50 a year (yeah, that’s $12.50 an issue) & she somehow reached her $3500 goal & now is on her way to $5000.  I tried to google around to see what she is doing to promote it & it seems like the only thing she did is get picked as a staff pick by Kickstarter, she only has a couple hundred friends on Facebook & a couple hundred followers on Twitter – of course I guess that leaves to question how does one get the coveted staff pick.  That I don’t know the answer to.  But maybe if I do another Kickstarter Campaign in the distant future I will get the slot.

So word.  Tomorrow looks like a day where I’ll get some things accomplished that will see some kind of results.

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