New Comics

So I made some 4 panel comics today to submit to a weekly paper for use.  We’ll see if it actually leads to anything. Meanwhile I’ll just put them here as avatars over the next few days.  They’re just single gag things & I spent way too long on them.

It looks like I’m going to be helping underground cartoonist Jason Young promote the new issue of his comic Veggie Dog Saturn.  It’ll be the first time someone takes advantage of me doing comic book promo, so hopefully that will lead to some other gigs & diversifying income a bit.

Got some mastering work that I need to try to get done in the next day or two.

Still have to do the one sheets (what stores get) for Vlor & Aarktica.

Short Fiction/Dream:
When I sleep I feel the blackness.  In the dream state there is nothing.  I am conscious & aware that I’m dreaming, but there is nothing.  Just the blackness.  Not a body.  Not even memories.  Just a feeling of things ending.  Black, alone, & strangely safe.

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