Faster than the Speed of Type

Spent the day (literally ten hours) on the email machine answering messages from promo & radio folks.  Hopefully it’s going to eventually come to fruition not just as far as reviews & radio play, but as sales.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to start my store email campaign.  Which should theoretically actually generate sales more clearly than reviews.  But who knows.

I did get out a few orders today.  Strangely the orders seem to be for Vlor & Aarktica that aren’t out for a month & have no promo done (the Vlor press release isn’t even finished yet) instead of the Lost Kisses DVD & Moodring CD which should have a buzz trickling in.  I really don’t know how things work I suppose.

I got asked to be a beta tester for a music software today.  Does it mean I’ve made it or just in one circumstance I know the right person?

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