New Blog, Thorn1, Low Popularity

Okay, so as you’ve noticed at this point, the blog is no longer on MySpace.  There are kind of a lot of reasons why.  I didn’t like them fooling around with my html or not being able to sell stuff on it & I didn’t like that so many folks were never going to MySpace these days.  Then a couple days ago they killed groups & forums & my blog stopped storing more than a single sentence.  So here we are & now I’ll be like everyone else & look at MySpace as at the same value as Friendster.  I don’t know.  When I think about it, it’s been a couple years since someone contacted me about booking a show through MySpace, so I guess I’m just waiting for the next big thing in music like everyone else.  But I did successfully import the old blog & so I feel pretty excited about that.  Still trying to figure out how to get this one to look exactly like I want as I don’t really know how to work as I’ve only the most rudimentary html skills & don’t know anything about WordPress….

So the big news today is Thorn1’s So Far As Fast is available (wow, does this table look ugly in WordPress!):

Thorn1 - So Far as Fast Thorn1 – So Far As Fast
MP3 Album 2010 | Silber 091
11 tracks, 55 minutes
$5 (download only (256 kbps, ~92 megs))

Thorn1 hails from Russia & on their debut album they embrace the winter with blankets of guitar drone following in the tradition of Aarktica & Remora while painting emotional & musical maps of hope & solitude.

: Press release
: Reviews
: Listen to the track Drone

I started running the promo campaign for Thorn1 & 30 Seconds of Time & QRD #44 (500 emails done, 4000 to go).  We’ll see what happens.

So according to Alexa the Silber web traffic is down lately from millionth most popular website to three millionth most popular website.  I think it might actually be from me canceling the Google Adwords for The Wet Teens.  I don’t know if 1000 visitors a month really makes that difference, but maybe it does? Or maybe because I haven’t had a new release to push in six months….

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