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Okay, yesterday’s blog (on MySpace) got mostly erased evidently (only the first sentence appeared).  The same thing happened today.  So now I’m trying to convert over the blog to on the Silber site.  We’ll see if it works out.

The Thorn1 release is almost ready to go. I got a first draft done of the press release. Did some things for the website. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. & I’ll start some promo for it.

Did a final draft for the new comic Monthly & sent it to the artist.

Did some research for some more review sites for the Silber promo list & some more labels to contact for the label owner interview series.

Last Night’s Dreams
I must be about 20 years old based on how I feel about women. There’s a girl I keep seeing every time I walk to the post office to the point where I know not saying anything to her is being rude, but I really have nothing to say to her or anyone for that matter.

I can see the mushroom cloud from my window. I need to figure out time travel right now. My only future lies in my past.

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