My life recently (ignoring actual important emotional trauma bits)

I wrote a few comics (XO & REH) & have been reading a ton of comics (mainly Archies, review coming soon).  Still trying to figure out exactly how to actually get work done.  Wrote a few little pieces about life on the road.

Last night I met a girl who reminded me of my ex-girlfriend so much that it was hard not to make out with her.  She was taking shots of whiskey with shots of ginger ale as chasers.  She told me she got fired from her job three days ago for sleeping with her boss & that now she was going to get a job as a limousine driver.  She was such a fucking mess.  I wanted to take her home & take care of her & fuck the shit out of her.

I’m woken up by my roommate’s ladyfriend talking in her sleep.  She’s saying, “No, daddy, no.  Please don’t touch me there.”  The guy in bed with her is snoring away.

Lately I’m battling insomnia & narcolepsy in equal measures.  I can’t sleep more than two hours at night, but it’s hard to stay awake for four hours without slipping into a five minute deep sleep.  It’s making reality seem thin.  Like I can push through it or manipulate it through the same methods I use to manipulate my dreams.  I feel like I’m never fully conscious.  I need something to change.   I need to get out of this place I’m in that keeps chasing me from city to city & state to state.

Recent Dreams:


I’m at some kind of music festival that just feels like a conference because it’s almost all performers with very few people actually in attendance.  It’s all in a hotel & instead of wristbands, they give all the performers studded leather belts, but the belts are so cheap they might not even last through the three days of the festival.  Alan Sparhawk is playing his solo guitar dronescape stuff, but he’s using all borrowed equipment & though the notes & ideas are there, the tone just isn’t quite right.

I’m on tour at a show in Texas.  I ask a friend of min at the show how things are going & he tells me, “Not good.  My girl’s become a junkie.  I’m hoping she comes to this show so I can kidnap her & put her into rehab.”

I’m driving in the middle of nowhere (possibly southeastern Georgia) when the hybrid battery completely dies leaving me stranded in whatever forest it is that I’m in.

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One Response to My life recently (ignoring actual important emotional trauma bits)

  1. hi brian says:

    “it’s 100 but you can’t touch” was probably the funniest/creepiest thing i’ve heard someone say in their sleep.