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As always, not as much done today as I’d hoped for.

Did the layout for the test versions of Worms #6 & Mecha #1 & a lot of the test versions for the comic anthology/sampler.  Wrote a script for Mecha for the anthology & built it together from Johnny’s original character sketches.  A lot more to go on those.

Talked to Brian McKenzie a bit about the upcoming stuff for Electric Bird Noise & Wet Teens.  Stuff is getting a little insane lately when I look at how much I’m putting on my plate.

Talked to Sarah June about her doing a free promotional EP.  She’s actually going to be based out of Boston doing some gigs for a month, so if you are in that area give her a shout about where she can find a last minute gig.

Talked to PD Wilder & he’s going to be touring a bit in July.  Trying to figure out about lining up a couple gigs for him on the east coast.

I got new RAM for my printer & installed it.  I know, most printers don’t have RAM you can upgrade & the average person would never need to.  But I think it’ll increase my printing speed for the mini-comics & I have a lot I need to print this week for SPACE.  Literally I want to make up 1000.  Which is kinda ridiculous.  But that includes the sixty copies of the six new comics for promo use & will have me stocked up for the next year or so as far as potential sales.

I’ve also been having a number of conversations via email lately with other labels.  Trying to get things going for transmitting ideas for promotions & increasing money flow.  Expanding branding in other territories (notably Italy, France, & Japan).  It’s interesting these days how some labels have high profiles & few sales while others have low profiles & plenty of sales.

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