Getting things done

Alright, getting things done.

I got mostly caught up on my emails from the past couple of weeks.  & got out this weeks press/radio follow-ups for Sarah June/Carta.  Next week will be the last official week on their promo campaigns.

I got done my current wave of research in YouTube playlists for promoting the Silber videos.  I’ll be acting on the info “soon”.  But it’s a bit hard to know exactly when with all I’m trying to get done right now.

For some reason I got a boost of orders today, but not of a single release (which might make sense since the Carta & Sarah June just got some high profile reviews in Black & Side-Line).  Just random orders, just weird for them to all come at once.

In the digital shop side of things, I have noticed people do seem to be taking advantage of it.  So I’m pretty hopeful about things for it.  I just need to encode the rest of the shop.

I got the original audio files from Irata today for re-issuing their disc in the Silber digital store.  Due to technical problems the highest res files available are 160kbps MP3s instead of wav files (the CD was actually created from these files).  I’m excited about working with them & pretty much everyone that is slated for the upcoming stuff.  It’s pretty great to get to work with people in a way that is not financially risky & seems mutually beneficial.

Got a letter from Dave Sim today proposing a new collaboration with him.  I don’t know that I really have time to do it, but then again, he’s Dave Sim so I’ll make it happen.

I was going to do this really retarded Silberspy video today at the car wash (did I mention it was retarded?), but ended up getting the mask broken before the video happened.  Sad day.  I know I have like seven of the masks now, but they’re all still special to me.

Those of you that hang around me way too much know I have a really cheap cell phone & that I’ve been recording demos on it for the past two years or so.  Well, it’s got about 40 songs on it & it ran out of space (internal card, no export features).  So I guess I need to start working on my album so I can clear room.  I’m thinking about an eventual sequel to “songs i sing” as that’s what most of the material is like.

Got the credit card bill today that had the manufacturing costs for the Sarah June disc on it.  Paying with the credit card always makes me feel like I pay three times because first I get the bill, then I get the bill for the credit card, then I get my bank statement.  So in my mind it feels like I spent $6000 instead of $2000.

Tomorrow’s goals: mini-comics layouts completed for Worms #6 & Mecha #1.  Possibly some work on the web banner working properly in Internet Explorer.  Possibly encoding a couple albums for the digital download shop.

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