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I spent most of the day working on interviews for the new QRD.  I’m pretty stoked that I’m going to have a significant amount of stuff to offer up as available new this month since the last newsletter.

So I had the TV on while I was doing the proofreading & so I put up a few reviews on N=D & FCIO for Gattaca, Alf, Teen Wolf Too, & Superman IV.

There’s a short little article about Silber up from the people in charge of the Malta Comic Convention.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on Conan O’Brien as one of the guests for music week (all interviews are musicians).   The other guests are Jay Z & Jessica Simpson. I don’t see Jay Z’s interview because I’m the middle guest, but I’m sitting on the couch with him & Andy Richter for Jessica’s interview.  I had no idea she’d severed ties with labels & was releasing stuff on her own.  She came out carrying these big boxes filled with CDs & random promo swag & then did a prat fall over one of the boxes as a joke.  After the break we’re all supposed to do a musical jam with Conan.  I wish we’d practiced as jams can really suck with people you don’t know.

There’s a gasoline shortage & the government has ordered all gas stations to shut off their pumps at 4pm until further notice.  Of course I’m in the middle of a tour in Oklahoma with no way to get enough gas to get home.  I get to a station in time to wait in line & get to fill up, but a full tank doesn’t really even help.  I’m hanging out behind the gas station with four guys in similar fixes.  One’s in a suit, one’s in a polo shirt & jeans, one’s wearing slacks & a t-shirt, & one’s in shorts &  t-shirt.  The one guy’s saying he doesn’t think the gas shortage is real.  He thinks it’s about food.  There’s not enough food & they can blame it not shipping on the gas.  People are too worried about using their precious gas to go & buy up all the food in town, which might make it last a little longer.  In the end people will starve to death not strong enough to riot.

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