More Work Done & More Work to Go

I’m just about caught up with my emails, so that’s a good feeling.

I’ve gotten about five or six interviews back for the upcoming QRD Father’s Day Special & I editted the first one.  So I’m pretty happy to get that going.

Spent about five hours today contacting everyone I know who’s in one of the cities where Hotel Hotel will be playing in the next couple weeks.  Hopefully that time will result in an additional 20 people attending & I feel like that would make up for the time spent.  Plus I think it actually generated one sale directly, so if it makes a few more it’ll definitely have been worth it.  Anyone have ideas of places I should post a tour on the internet that could actually generate attendance?

Cut & assembled the first issue of Just a Man.  Pretty stoked about that.

I just realized I’m 9 comics behind on the avatars.  Not making them free doesn’t seem to helpful with sales, so maybe I should put them up.

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