Busy sounds better than behind

Recorded some parts for Vlor last night in some last minute collaborations with Jon DeRosa because I wanted the disc to be a few minutes longer & he had some extra parts around from the new Aarktica he’s working on.  Hopefully I’ll finish mixing them tomorrow.

I also finished the layout for Just a Man & printed it out the first batch, but have yet to cut it up & assemble it.

I’ve somehow gotten about 150 emails behind by spending a couple days working on Vlor, Just a Man, & Muscle Mass; so hopefully I’ll get back to some of you in a day or two.

I’ve been listening to the Gutter Trash Podcast lately.  It’s two guys drinking & talking about movies & comics.  It makes me feel like I have friends in the same way Myster Science Theater 3000 used to.

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