Moodring &a Mecha News

So there was a line of screwy code & I needed to update all the pages on my site so that they could use the banner properly.  Also there is an issue with getting it too look like I want it in Firefox or Internet Explorer (seemingly both is not an option, which I suppose is why so many people have flash driven websites).  I went with Firefox since that’s what I use.

Did some little adjustments to a lot of webpages with errors on them.  Still have to finish going through the artist pages, but I’m a bit worn out on it at the moment.

Made the digital download version for the Moodring disc & I have it up & for sale.  Just $5.

Got in the artwork for the Mecha comic today.  So I really need to get my act together on the music associated with it.  It’s on my to do list & getting close to the top of it.

My “to do list” is staying a steady length, which is better than it getting longer….

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