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So I’ve been making a concerted effort the past few days to take in media.  Today I listened to Willie Nelson’s The Red Headed Stranger which actually wan’t quite as good as I’d remembered it being.  I also finally watched The Man Who Laughs & while I always new I would watch it one day & I suppose I enjoyed it, I’m not sure I’ll ever watch it again or read the book.  I probably never would’ve heard of it & be settled with the idea that Hunchback is Hugo’s only major work if it weren’t for the whole connection to The Joker (from Batman) to the movie.  It’s typical to most of the surviving silent films in it’s level of weirdness of plot & strange mix of comedy & drama & beautiful cinematography.  Probably soon I’ll watch Birth of a Nation as it has been on my list of movies I know I should eventually see for about 20 years now.

Did a bunch of work on back issues of QRD again today.  The issues with 20 interviews take a while to do.  I think I have around five issues left to do….

I’m vaguely thinking about doing a sequel to Mecha.  Part of the reason why is that my phone screen is broken, so I can’t use my phone to record demo ideas & so today I ended up using the Little Drummer Boy software to record a song idea.  Another part is I do like the idea of making this primitive future music that has no real simulation to what I do with a guitar or even a keyboard for that matter.  We’ll see what happens.  Just another one of the 20 albums I’m always working on in my mind.

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