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I finished the editing/reformatting/whatever for the back issues of QRD.  There are some other things to do fixing up all the interviews with an individual to link together (so you can easily hop from on Lycia interview to the next), but I’m pretty satisfied at the moment.  I can’t remember if I mentioned it already or not, but I did add average cost per impression prices on the QRD advertisers page.  Hopefully the numbers will become incorrect (meaning same prices, more viewers, better deals) & I’ll be getting more visitors.  We’ll see how things go.

Wrote two rough drafts for Glamourkisses stories.  Pretty stoked about it.  Though we’ll see if they pass as interesting & appropriate to Dave Sim.  A couple months ago when I tried to work on them I couldn’t figure out any tales that didn’t involve substance abuse & moral decay & that was something I did not want to dwell on or think about, so it was nice to write stories about killing people & escaping small towns.  Much more pleasant fair….

I went down to the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival & got to see The Hagstone Demon which stars Mark from American Movie.  Not great, but a lot of fun.  I also met up with a few people who wanted to discuss the Vlor “Watch Me Bleed” video & Small Life Form “Optical 1″ video.  So it made me feel like I’m doing something right.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m Dustin Hoffman & I’m in college.  I have a girlfriend & she is hot.  She totally outclasses me & should have nothing to do with me.  Before I can have sex with her I need her to perform a religious ceremony where we’re both fully submerged baptised together, but the only place to do it in this small town is in a condemned church.  The stonewalls are crumbling & there are holes in the roof, but somehow a beam of light comes down on the shimmering pools brighter than there should be at night & the water is clean & pure if slightly cold.  While in the water I realize that the water might be the source of the light & at the same time I realize I want this woman to be my wife & that we have just performed some ancient wedding ceremony.

I’m out on the town with Nick Marino.  I couldn’t even tell you which town it is, but since it’s Nick Marino I’m guessing Pittsburgh (though it feels more like a city not associated with a river or water).  It’s for some festival where half the downtown streets are closed to traffic & all the art galleries are open & everyone seems to be giving away free beer & I’m way past my “if I drink more than three or four beers I’m not going to feel good tomorrow” limit.  I go into a coffee shop & realize I’ve lost Nick.  I sit down at an empty chair at a table where two young women are working on a crossword puzzle (something I would never do sober).  I take off my book bag & it is filled with weekly papers with blurbs about me playing each market.  I don’t even know why I have these things?  Am I keeping them for nostalgia, to use to impress someone, or to have as a blanket if I sleep outside?  I throw them all into the trash & close my eyes.  I can feel the room spinning as I pass out & it feels like home.

I’m on tour & I’m at a rest area.  The leaves are changing & I just sit in my car staring at them.  This is a better way to spend my time than almost anything I can think of.  I never should’ve become a musician.  I should’ve become something that allowed me to sit still & enjoy nature.

Plumerai is on tour & they are playing as a three piece of James, Martin, & Todd without a singer.  They’re playing at The Nightlight & Jennifer Coleman (burMonter) is there so we decide to do a little burMonter reunion of “Thirteen Layers of Heaven.” Todd goes into the audience, James gets on the drums, & Martin gets on the bass, & I get on the guitar.  The guitar is a blue Ibanez that I think at one time belonged to Jennifer, she played it at a show in 1995 & I don’t remember ever seeing her play a guitar again after that.  I’m looking at the pedals trying to get settings that will be close to what I need & the only pedal I recognize is an ElectroHarmonix tremolo (which I don’t need), all of the other pedals are some weird tube based pedals that have a standby stomp as well as an on stomp.  I just twist them all to ten & hope for the best.  The sound is close enough but it isn’t loud enough & the amp looks like it is just two tweeters & no regular speakers & it sounds like they might rip apart & I wish I had my Jazz Chorus, but the song is already starting & I realize I can’t remember the fingerings.  I let my left hand go on instinct & my right hand starts pounding out the notes harder than usual because I’m nervous & I’m just waiting for the string to break at the bridge.  The string does break, but it breaks at the nut & rather than shifiting to play the riff on a different string I’m pulling the string at different tensions to get the pitches & it’s cutting my left hand open.  At least it adds some theatrics to everything.

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