Last Couple Days & the Next Month

I got scanned in all the stuff for the Lost Kisses Daily strips today.  Sent some knock ups to a few people for critique before I launch it.  Hopefully it’ll start going up next week.

I also scanned in my water color version of my first comic Shimmer from 1995.  I still need to clean up the images, but it will appear in the upcoming SPACE anthology.

I got the art in for the third issue of REH.  Still have to lay it out & all that.  I suppose I’ll need to get things going on my next wave of promos for the mini-comics soon as I have about ten that I haven’t sent out for promo yet.

I did some mild re-designing on the Silber Comics page.  I’m still not really happy with it.  I’m not sure what I should do to get it to look like I would want it to because I don’t know what I want it to look like.  If you’d be interested in doing some internet interning by helping to check some sites’ contact information & such, please let me know.

I’ve been debating whether I should mention it on here or not, but Twitter suspended my world news account.  Not sure what that’s about or if it will ever come back.  They never sent me a message about it.  Just one day I noticed the feed wasn’t working & when I went to it, it said the account had been suspended.  I don’t feel like that account was doing anything weirder or more suspicious than the other news feed accounts, but maybe one of the newspapers flagged people broadcasting their RSS feeds or something.

I got a message from Robert Brown that the new Northern Valentine discs should be arriving sometime next week.  That seems sudden.  Anyone interested in doing some internet interning to check some review outlets & radio stations, please let me know.

Also I got a call form Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) that he’s going to have a free live EP ready to go in a few days.  He sits on an album even longer than I do as it’s his live recordings from 2009 when he was doing some weird ensemble oriented stuff (25 guitarists & such).

Still waiting for the potential art for the new Remora The Heart That Kills to be done.  I kinda suck at art sometimes & I’m happy to have someone else trying their hand at it.

I worked a little bit today on re-tooling & re-starting some Facebook ads to see if I could jump start some orders that way.  I relaunched an ad for the Alan Sparhawk disc targeting fans of Low & one for Vlor.  I suppose I should do an ad for the Twelve CD to push it to Six by Seven fans.  Maybe one for Black Happy Day to push it on Lycia & Stonebreath fans.  I don’t know.  On the one hand I feel like no one sees ads anymore, on the other hand I’m paying a penny per click so if one in 425 people who click the ad buy a digital download I break even.

Other stuff coming hopefully by the end of March include a free duet album from Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers about their father & son relationship, more Lost Kisses comics, the mwvm album, a Plumerai EP, the Slicnaton album, a Promute album, a new QRD, puzzle boxes available for mail order, & who knows what else.

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