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All the little free newspapers for prostitutes creep me out (especially the ones that specialize in women age 40-60+ because I can’t pretend those are young girls making poor choices that will straighten up later).  It’s just not me thing at all.  But this morning I found a church with a daily 8am service that I went to & it made me feel a little better about life in general.  The sermon was about restructuring your prayer life.  Which is something I need to do.

So I’ve been in Las Vegas a couple of days on this tour.  This town in general is not my thing.  The bright lights & noise of the casinos over stimulates me & makes me irritable.  I still like to play though. Thankfully I found a site called Gclub slot that had exactly what I need. It’s like a fancy casino, not too busy, noisy or loud, but online! What an age we live on huh.

I had a good/bad day with getting some label work done today.  I got some digital booklets made for a couple releases, but I also noticed I took off all the press releases I had on my machine so I’m going to have to redesign those to get that part of the work done.

I did manage to proofread the interviews currently in for the next QRD.  I’m uncertain if I’m going to try to get a couple more done or if I should just go with what I’ve got as an issue.  I might just leave it open until some of the new Silber releases are ready to go.

Being on tour is weird because I always think, “I’ll be able to get a ton of work done in the down time!”  But the truth is the downtime is super stressed out waiting for things to happen.  Touring for a working class professional musician is more about missing meals, having digestion problems from not eating right, missing sleeping periods because of long drives, looking for a place to do laundry (or for me today, washing some clothes in the sink), entertaining the host of the show (who’s supposed to be entertaining you, WTF?), & dealing with other people’s personalities.  So I’m not really getting as much work done as I’ve wanted to at all.  Not as much reading done either.  But we’ll see what happens the next few days.  If I can get myself disciplined enough to make some more positivity around myself.  Focus on the fact that I’m getting to spend time with people I like & getting to see the country & getting to high five some friends I rarely see.

Last Night’s Dream:
I left my car parked at the lot on a lake where my family used to go camping when I was a kid & my dad is driving me to pick it up.  He takes off after I get out of his car & I realize I took my car key off my keychain before I left for my trip.  I’m stranded, but it all seems normal & okay.

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