I’m Working On It

There’s a lot going on & life is slowing things down.  There are 5 releases up on the Bandcamp (3 of them on Spotify, 2 not at artist’s request) that I haven’t had a chance to get up on Silber yet & properly promote.  There’s a half dozen other releases I’m trying to get ready to go.  The Father’s Day QRD still isn’t done, but will be a massive issue.  Life has been hitting hard lately.  Two weeks ago my wife’s grandmother died & it was a really hard hit even though we knew it was coming.  On & off over the past couple years we talked about moving up to Toledo to be physically closer to her, but didn’t do it & it’s hard to know what the right call on that was (I feel it’s common knowledge I was the primary caregiver to my own grandmother for about ten years), because it would’ve been even harder to balance life in that scenario than the current one.  So leaving town for a week meant a big back up on the day job & then our 16 year old cat died when we were out of town so it’s been really tough to get in the mode for getting work done.  But I’m trying, slower than ever, but surely, to get the work done here.  I also got a couple shows coming up.  A guitar drone ensemble from Remora & part of doing that piece is it won’t show how bad my hands have gotten on the guitar or my feet on the pedals.  Guest musicians will include Rowland Yeargan & Michael Wood.  Maybe a couple others. We’ll see what happens on it, I’ll try to record it.  I also was asked to do the first Muscle Mass show.  I’ve done a few things as Muscle Mass over the past ten years, maybe 20 songs with 6 or 7 released & so being asked to do a show with it is kinda inspiring.  With a month until show time I don’t know that I’ll really find the time to write & record material brought to full fruition, but we’ll see how it goes.  Primitive drone dance.  Anyway, just a mild update.  Hopefully you’ll see & hear new stuff soon.

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