I’m the best? & the Silber Newsletter

So as most of you know, I have pretty much always run promotion for Silber releases in house.  On occasion a friend hires a promotions house & they’ll get a copy of their promo list & send it to me to help expand the Silber list, which is really kind of them (usually in exchange I mention their release in the newsletter I send out to press).  Anyway, so this happened a few weeks ago & I’m just doing my new promo blast.  A third of the email addresses I was given are bouncing.  I totally understand that reviewers & bloggers get burned out quick & it’s a constant battle to keep things up to date, but if you are charging people between a couple hundred & a couple thousand dollars that shit is really unacceptable.  I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I feel like I’m getting to be higher & higher in the ranks of competent people in the music industry as others get less professional.

Curious what I was promoting?  Here’s the newsletter:

Hey Kidz,
A lot going on here in Silberia this December.  Next week I’ll be emailing you about our Christmas EPs. It looks like there are going to be seven of them.  But here’s what’s up for now….
The 5 songs in 5 minutes series is back & going strong.  Last time I told you about the new one from Lost Trail.  This time out we have ones from Can Can Heads (Finnish no wave post jazz), Goddakk (guitar mutilations), Matteo Preabianca (sonic collages), & Frank Alexander (industrial noise to ultra smooth).  All free to stream on the site & show your support for your favorite by downloading it for a buck.  More coming soon.
Plumerai has recently reformed as DRLNG & we have their post-pop shoegazery debut EP available for download (& the band has limited quantities of it on vinyl if you need them).  If you loved Siouxsie & The Banshees or The Cure growing up, definitely check them out.
I know some people love Bandcamp.  I’ve been putting the new releases up there recently.  So if you want to follow us on that site, we’re at https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com
I got a few comic scripts done recently that I need to get out to the artists to draw (Seabase 17, REH, & a new series called Ship).  Trying to get caught up from the aftermath of the successful Kickstarter (we got five times the requested funding – if you missed the backing window, you go here – http://silbermedia.com/comics/kickstart.shtml ).
I guest starred on the Canned Air Podcast last week where I out-nerded some comic book nerds.  We talked about Star Wars, Howard the Duck, Doom Patrol, Steve Ditko, & of course my mini-comics.
Thanks for all your interest & support, it really means a lot to me & if you can let a couple people know about us it really helps out.  If you want to be taken off our mailing list, just let me know.

Brian John Mitchell
Silber Records

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