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Okay, so in the next day or so there will be new releases available for download from Goddakk & Plumerai.  Just waiting for final approval of a couple things before updating everything on the website.

I got a message from Kurt Dinse today about wanting a script for a new issue of Star.  So I need to get off my butt & write that one.  I actually got a fairly positive review recently that makes me want to write more comics.

So this new Planet of the Apes movie is coming out.  I kinda want to see it & I kinda anticipate it sucking.  I really liked 3 out of 5 of the original, but the remake from Burton a few years ago wasn’t so hot & this new one looks closer to a modern movie than an old sci-fi flick.

I made some more Silbeer mead tonight for the first time in a few months & I bottled up my last batch.  Made a nutmeg batch & an allspice batch along with my normal pepper & vanilla batches.  We’ll see how they end up taste wise.

There is a pretty good article on The Wire about how the free download & tip jar business model doesn’t actually work for underground bands.  Which makes me feel better about how much it’s failed here at Silber.

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