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Okay, so a lot of people are making a big deal about Spotify.  So I decided to look through the numbers & see what was going on with my digital distro stuff.  (The Silber download shop isn’t included in these numbers, but it actually accounted for about the same amount of money as the sales from all these distros combined.)  Here’s the sellers bringing 1% or more for digital sales to Silber for July:
Versus the numbers for June:
So wow.  Amazon dropped to #8  from #2 & iTunes really gained a strangle hold on #1.  I have stuff aggregated to about 50 download companies & all the ones not appearing added up to about 1% all together.  So there you go.  Spotify had an increase in their share of income for sure.  While Spotify may well be the future for music listeners, it’s not looking too terribly good as the future for musicians making a living.  Because the secret is Silber earnings across the board for all of the digital distributors dropped by 50% from June to July.

So it looks like If Thousands is getting things rolling again.  Here’s a clip Aaron put up the other day:

& here’s a video of Thorn1 doing a Rivulets cover:

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m being held captive in a warehouse.  The only light coming in is from some small windows about 15 feet up the walls.  One of the other captives starts fighting one of the guards who seems to be mysteriously unwilling to use his gun.  I open the door & there’s a guard outside who immediately points his gun at me & then he’s hit by a forklift driven by David Carradine that he crashes into a cinderblock wall smashing through it.  I escape through the smashed & falling wall.

I’m trying to escape from something & I’m pushing my grandmother in her wheelchair & we’re in the seedy part of some tourist town a couple blocks over from the main section.  I ask her if we should try to find a group to hide in & she says, “No, we should just stay alone & smile.”

I’m at SPACE & I’m assigned table 17, but it’s already taken.  Tables 24-29 are open & I’m not sure if I should take one of the empty tables or have a confrontation with the occupants of table 17 or just go home.

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2 Responses to Digital Distro, If Thousands, Thorn1

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    aren’t all of these only paying you for plays whereas itunes and amazon pays you for a purchase of an mp3? cents vs. fraction of cents. per song. it’s more like collecting royalteees vs. sales sorta kinda.

  2. Conceptually it’s like sales versus royalty except that the model for Spotify negates the idea of sales in the future if it gains enough users & popularity. Which would bring digital sales (1/3 of income for the past 5 years) down to the amount of selling two or three CDs. So I suppose that’s why a lot of folks are selecting to not put their whole catalog on Spotify (& Last FM & Grooveshark & GimmeSound for that matter).