Frustrations & Dream

So as some of you may know, I’ve been working on making this big spread thing for music placements.  So I finally got that completed & then I was told the place I was doing it for needed an individual email from a songwriter for each song.  Now it’s upgraded to an email confirming my ability to represent the catalog from each composer that didn’t use Amerse (my publishing company) to register their catalog.  Kinda crazy.  I wonder if it’s going to happen at all in the end.

Trying to get work done towards filling the Kickstarter stuff.  It seems to be raining every single day & it makes it hard to do the finish on the puzzle boxes.  Non-stop headaches sometimes.

Last Night’s Dream:
My nephew got a butterfly knife from somewhere (I think it might actually be mine & he swiped it, but whatever) & I’m trying to show him how to play with it in such a way that you can only mash your fingers instead of actually seriously cut them.

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