From Oceans To Autmun, Music Videos, Dreams

So I’ve been working on the press release for the new From Oceans To Autumn EP that will be out in a day or two.  In the meantime, here’s a song from one of their recent releases.

While I’m pushing videos, here’s a Jandek cover I did on a toy guitar I paid $15 for.

& here’s a series of discussions from Joe Kendrick’s What It Is about the history of music videos going back to 1908!

Last Night’s Dream:
I get a call on my cell phone, but I don’t recognize the number so I don’t answer it & they leave a message.  It’s my ex-girlfriend that I haven’t spoken to in four years telling me she’s in the hospital with our baby.  At first I think she’s having a baby right now & is claiming it’s mine, then I think maybe she had a baby three years ago that got sick & is only now telling me about it.  Either way I’d need to do a DNA test to have any belief in it being my kid.  Rather than calling her back I try to call a number of friends asking for advice, but nobody answers the calls.  I can’t have that woman back in my life even if it means abandoning a child.

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