Following Up

So I feel like I got a lot done today.

I made the downloadable promo files for the Moodring, Remora, Plumerai, & slicnaton prepared so I can start sending that info out to the folks who get the stuff to review that way.  I’ll probably start sending those emails out tomorrow.

I sent out the first batch of follow-up emails & Remora & Moodring are in light rotation at WFMU, which is kind of a big deal in the indie world.  So call up next time you’re listening & request them.

Got the second draft of the Vlor press release done.  I sent it to some folks for feedback before working on the next draft of it.

I bought this crappy little sampler thing from Radio Shack for ten bucks.  I’m hoping with a little ingenuity I can spend another ten dollars & make it worth $20!

Talked to my buddy Jeremy about developing some simple video games with Silber flavors added.  Hopefully there will be something available in January, but you know how these things go.

Shipped out the copies of Vlor to the majority of the contributors & sent Jon DeRosa the copies of the Aarktica to sell at his CD release show next month.

I announced the Aarktica being for sale yesterday & I got a few orders coming in for it already.  So hopefully the distros won’t complain about me handling direct orders a month early, especially since the reviews won’t start until the street date.  I’m looking forward to how things run on this one.  It’s a weird thing because to a certain degree there is the question did Aarktica make Silber or Silber make Aarktica.  Probably a little of each as that’s the way the sibling rivalry between me & Jon has been for years.

Random Fiction/Dream:
I’m unstuck in time again.  It seems to be happening more & more.  It’s like a drug that I can’t get enough of.  Now that I know how to amp up my brain to travel I keep pushing it to happen no matter where I am in my life.  Even when it’s like now & it is a historically happy period of my life where I’m young & dumb & with a beautiful hyper-intelligent white girl that I think I’m going to marry & have children with, I can’t even look at her face.  I don’t know if she’s started fucking someone else yet & in fact I think that the way I’m acting towards her right now may directly contribute to her eventually doing that & that this is one of the points of my life that was an unaccountable night previously.  I want out of this place.  I want out of this body.  I want to push my brain so fast & hard that I can travel more than just within my own timeline & get into something that is really fresh & unknown to me.  I want to go harder & faster & if it means pushing this body beyond its limits, that’s fine.  Maybe that desire is why I ended up here in time.  This is a point where drugs are readily available to me & maybe with some combination of meth & acid & strychnine & some narcotics to keep my heart from bursting I can get myself completely out of here.  I can get home.  Back to outer space because I hear space is the place.

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