Burying Myself

So the past day or two has been a predominant thing with me sending out links to my digital press & radio folks.  Probably I should buy a software to do it or make a special newsgroup, but instead I send out several thousand individual emails & it takes a few days.  I like to think the extra effort might make a difference, but who knows?  Maybe I’m burying myself.

Starting to get some feedback from doing the promo follow-up on the releases.  So right now it’s taking a couple hours just to answer emails.  It makes things hard to keep up with.

Trying to book some shows here in the south-east for Small Life Form & Slicnaton in the first couple of weeks of November in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, & South Carolina.  Anyone have any interest or leads?

There’s a free compilation that Remora is on (track 43) here.

Back to work.

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