Fire Powers Versus Teeth

Well, I got out my emails to music supervisors for potential collaboration.  I got word back from one who seems pretty interested in portions of the catalog, talked on the phone for the cult of personality sale.  So hopefully something good will come through.

Laid out the first issue of Marked.

Kinda concerned about the record label fair tomorrow.  I feel like it’ll be a waste of time.  But hopefully I’ll be able to bring enough work to take up the time.

Started work on folding up the press releases for Vlor/Aarktica & prepping them for the mailing.  Hopefully the first batch will go out Tuesday. Tons of fun.

Been doing work for the MySpace marketing for Aarktica.  The campaign will probably start in a couple days.  Also going to do some work about changing the Google Adwords stuff for Aarktica.

Hoping to get some more stuff done before sleep.

He’s alive again.  Or maybe it’s that I’m dead.  Life or death isn’t as relevant or important as the joy of seeing him again.  I go to tell him how happy I am to see him & the confession is clearly a social blunder.  He tells me to get away from him.  I put my hand on his shoulder & he grabs my wrist to remove it.  Where he’s touching me burns.  It doesn’t feel like the burn from friction from squeezing & twisting the skin, but more like there is some mechanism in his bones specifically created to make this burn that’s happening to me now.  That this was his sole purpose in life/death, to burn my right wrist so that the hand would be useless.  I grab his hand to remove it & he tightens his grip so that the burn goes through the flesh & bone  & my hand falls to the ground.  I bite his throat & push him to the ground.  There always is a rivalry with those we love.

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