Finally Checking It Out – Marvel Spotlight #6: Star-Lord by Doug Moench & Tom Sutton

Marvel Spotlight #6 Star-LordSo I found this comic in a dollar bin & bought it relatively as an investment comic since Star-Lord is supposed to be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  I remember picking up the next issue of Marvel Spotlight at a flea market as a kid because it had a cool cover, but I have nearly no memory of it.  In fact, the thing that put Star-Lord on my radar was the dudes on Gutter Trash reviewing a recent reprint of the stories.  Anyway, this story is a fine & fun sci-fi epic.  It covers Star-Lord’s origin as a powered hero as well as his conception & material participation in his father’s death.  It’s a little bit Golden Age as far as pouring in way too much plot, but I’d say it’s worth at least five bucks.

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