Finally Checking It Out – Dreadstar: The Price by Jim Starlin

Dreadstar: The Price

Growing up Dreadstar might have been the first non-mainstream comic I bought.  It was put out by Marvel (under the Epic banner) so it was available at newsstands & it was about a revolutionary war in outer space so it filled some of the void left in my heart from the recent death of the Star Wars franchise.  Because of reprints & used comic bins, I eventually got the whole series with the exception of The Price which always seemed to go for $5 or more.

On tour there was a comic shop next to a club in New Orleans & I found The Price in their dollar bin.  I haven’t read Dreadstar in the 25 or so years since it came out & I was surprised how much I remembered about the characters, but most of them don’t even appear in this book at all & this actually works well as a stand alone issue.  The art in hear is pretty great; it’s all watercolors by Starlin.  The story surprisingly isn’t sci-fi at all, but mainly a wizard tale about what there would have to be for you to sacrifice your life, your soul, & your loved ones.  It’s pretty solid & makes me want to at least re-read the Dreadstar stuff by Starlin (I think the first 40 issues) & maybe the whole series.

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2 Responses to Finally Checking It Out – Dreadstar: The Price by Jim Starlin

  1. Nick Marino says:

    Last year I read a bunch of the color Dreadstar stuff for the first time. #1-16 if I remember correctly. It was fantastic. Even though it has a lot of old school things going on with the art and story, it’s still a terrific read.

  2. hi brian says:

    it’s like they just got the new maiden single.