Finally Checking It Out: Bloodshot #12 (Valiant Comics)

bloodshot12So in the late 1980s I had started abandoning reading mainstream comics & was generally thinning out checking out new books as the indies I was reading started to cease publication.  This is when Valiant hit & I always heard good things, but never really checked anything out from them.  Recently I did some bin diving for cheap comics & decided to give them a shot if I found any that were one-shot issues.  So I picked up Bloodshot #12.

So I don’t know anything about the character Bloodshot, but I’m under the impression he’s some sort of mercenary with some minor super powers.  This issue is called “Bloodshot’s Day Off” & the cover shows him watching TV in a bathrobe in a hotel room.  So yeah, this cover is semi-indicative of the issue.  It’s a comic that I would write, a mercenary goes on vacation & ends up needing to kill some no account low level crooks because they are interrupting his vacation.  Oh, & also he somehow gets a girl.  Not only do I feel this comic is worth more than the quarter I paid for it, it may well be worth the $2.25 cover price, thought I have no idea if it’s indicative of the series.

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