Excusing Excuses

So I know I haven’t been updating the blog the way I used to.  I actually have a ton of stuff going on & I should be mentioning it here, but it sometimes feels like it’s tedious & no one is reading it anyway.

I have a notebook with a couple dozen dreams to add to the dream diary that I will type in one day.  I have some reviews for N=D & FCIO in that same notebook that I need to type up as well.

I’m also still trying to get things done on the QRD Guitarist Compilation & the new Origami Arktika album.  The main hold up on the OA record has been me trying to get other things done first, but realizing I can get that knocked out in a day or two has gotten me to go ahead & give it priority over some other stuff.  The guitarist comp has been a bit crazy trying to get the liner notes & such to be as I would like them.  Decided to give each artist their own page for the liner notes & that has been not working out as well as I expected.  I also need the publishing info from artists to register songs for digital distro & that’s been a headache to get the info.  After this one is ready I have two other comps mostly ready to come out that I suppose I will face similar headaches on.

I have been getting some comic stuff done.  Three new ones that I mailed out to subscribers yesterday & the digital ones are up, but I like to wait to email those out so people get to look at the physical ones first.  I need to get myself on track with writing some more comics as I think I’m at a point where I have more people waiting for me to write stories than I have people I’m waiting to get in artwork from.

One of the things that has honestly been slowing me down is things haven’t been going as financially well for Silber this year as I’d hoped nor have I been able to garner the general attention I’d hoped for.  Right now Silber is down a few hundred bucks for 2014 (I know a big part of that is my choice to do some comic conventions & out of town shows that never pay for themselves), which is fine I guess.  But the disconcerting thing is the lack of response from my distros about the new releases.  I know they are having the same money problems as me (even when they don’t admit it) & I don’t really mind knowing a lot of the ones that owe me a couple hundred bucks might never pay me, but one with $3000 worth of stock not responding to my emails is a little disconcerting.  I remember that shit happening in the 1990s & it breaking a ton of good labels (& in trickle down economics, a ton of good bands).  When people ask why I am not putting out as many physical units as I used to or why I don’t put out vinyl, this is exactly why.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so open about things like this in the blog.  I do have a few more schemes to try to make things break even before the end of the year & to keep things out of the hole next year.  We’ll see how it all goes.  I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, the real disconcerting thing isn’t the money thing, it’s the seeming lack of interest it feels like goes hand in hand with it.  It’s two in the morning.  It’s been a long day.  I just need to count my blessings that I’m able to work on things I care about & that I’ve been lucky enough to be doing just that for about 20 years now.

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