I started putting the updated Silber banner & mp3 player technology around the site.  I’m now about a fourth through doing that.  I’m told the banner still sometimes has issues with Internet Explorer on a non-full sized window, but I’m unable to recreate the problem without making the window significantly small.  Though maybe it involves people doing the stuff to over-ride text sizes or something.  Who knows.  I’m happy enough with it to let it roll.

Got some more cards done for the Silber ATC project.  I’m just drawing random little things with a sharpy marker & I don’t think I’ve done little doodle sketches in ten years or so.  It’s nice & free feeling.  I should do it more often.

Talked to Silber intern Ben Collins today & he’s building an analogue synthesizer (the kind without keyboard controls) from scratch.  I wish I knew how to do things like that.

Doing more research on promoting the music videos.  I thought I would get it all done this past week, but I didn’t.  So, maybe this week?  Anyone want to help over the internet searching for folks on YouTube who have playlists that Silber music videos should be added to?

I saw George Romero’s Survival of the Dead last night.  I might try to write a long piece about why I didn’t care for it in a couple of days.

Happy Easter.

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