What a headache I’m having with the website.  Who knew a linux subsite would be case sensitive?  Well, I know now.

More problems with the navigation bar when viewed in a non-expanded Internet Explorer window.  So I had to combine the about/faq/contact into one spot.  I feel like it still works okay as far as navigation time.

Found about 40 new radio stations for the Silber opt-in list.  I’ll still have to get their contact info.  I need more hours in my days.

Got out this week’s follow-up emails for the Carta & Sarah June.

So the software I got to manage my mailing list that is supposed to be shareware with a free limited version updated itself saying I had to purchase it to continue using it.  Well, I like the software & it functions so I thought, “Sure, I’ll pay them $30, it’s the right thing to do.”  So I go to pay for it & it’s 100 Euros!  Which kinda pissed me off since it seems like a lot of money & they’re advertising as being free.  So I went ahead & got a hack of it.  I would still be willing to pay them $25.  I still feel bad about it.

Got my first personal ATC drawn for the Silber ATC project.  So I’m closer to getting that project complete.

Wrote the rough drafts for Lost Kisses & Ultimate Lost Kisses for the mini-comic sampler.

That’s today, more tomorrow.

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