Download Shop is Working!

The Silber download shop is working!  I’m pretty stoked about it.  Getting ready to take over the world.  Right now only the five newest releases & only on the frontpage ( ).  The only problem might be that my webhost is offering me an upgrade that costs less money per month & it might not work after the change over for a few days.  But the upgrade is unlimited bandwidth & that’s really ideal with starting the digital shop.

I got an email from a company saying they have an officially sanctioned by MySpace promo robot.  I’m not sure if it’s true, but it’s interesting if it is.  I think that if MySpace had made their own robotic software reasonably priced years ago they would have not only had huge amount of money, they also would’ve been able to curb the people that are really spamming without any research (e.g. candle shops friending every female within 100 miles) that has contributed to MySpace slipping behind Facebook.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Bought an apartment building that I turned into an artist’s colony.  People stay free in exchange for making an installation in the lobby (standard deal).  All the artists were complaining that I should pay them for their work as well as paying their rent.

Kangaroos were designed as living mecha that these tiny aliens would climb in through their pouches to pilot.  The whole planet had been seeded with life exclusively for the creation of the aliens’ kangaroo war machines.  Humans are a mistake that are keeping down the kangaroo population & must be destroyed.

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