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My buddy (& sometimes comic collaborator) Nick Marino just posted in his blog about pulling all his music off of iTunes & Amazon because of crappy sales numbers the past year (he uses TuneCore who as an aggregator charge an annual fee rather than taking a percentage of earnings, I use folks who take a cut after every sale which is what I’d suggest to anyone who makes less than $1000 per release per year on external digital downloads).  It’s disconcerting for sure, even if he’s not pushing his music as hard as his comics.  Oh, it’s probably also worth telling you that Nick’s music is pretty comedic & not like Silber stuff at all.

When I was over at my brother’s I watched the video for “My Brother’s Guns & Knives” on his larger/better than mine monitor & it looked pretty crappy.  So I tried my best to recreate the video in Adobe Premiere instead of Windows Movie Maker.  The exported file was ten times the size, so hopefully it looks better this time out.  Though I imagine it looks more or less identical not at full screen.
New version:

Old version:

So on the puzzle box front I designed two supplement blocks that allow you to combine two 3×3 blocks into a 4×4 block when you add the two of them.  So I’m pretty stoked about getting that to happen as I think it will really serve to help with an “upsale” reason to buy two block sets instead of one & I can keep the two for the same price as two individual ones given the bonus block scenario.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve.  The night when all the lonely people celebrate by cooking their frozen dinners in the oven instead of the microwave.

Last Night’s Dreams:
My grandmother has come back to me as a polar bear.  But she doesn’t seem like a real polar bear so much as a full sized version of a child’s stuffed animal.  She can’t standup so I get on the ground with her & she gives me a hug & is rolling around holding me slamming me against the floor from side to side & breaking me.

I’ve been drinking at a friend’s house in Pittsburgh & a friend of his offers to give me a ride home.  I get in his car & realize that I no longer have a home.  I lay down in the backseat wedging my head in the corner where the seats meet the door on the passenger side & hope for a car crash to take me out of this situation.

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2 Responses to Digital Sales, Videos, Puzzle Boxes, Dreams

  1. Nick Marino says:

    The stuff I posted through TuneCore wasn’t comedic — it was all instrumental, electronic/funk/rock hybrid type of stuff.

    My humorous stuff probably would have sold a little bit better, or (at the very least)
    would have pissed some people off and gotten removed from a few sites.

  2. N. says:

    It’s also the night when all the lonely people eat less than usual