Robots & Dreams

So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about robot generated internet content.  So I made my first big step in embracing the idea today by making a special Twitter account that auto-posts RSS feeds from a couple hundred comic websites & blogs.  People way smarter than me at social networking say about doing the auto-content as an easy & natural way to generate interest & interaction from people.  We’ll see what happens with it.

Last Night’s Dreams:
The county is selling off the names of all it’s streets for renaming to corporations to generate revenue.

For some reason I’m reading a book on the history of Blue Beetle (which is odd because all I know about him is that he’s a fan favorite that is fairly obscure) & they don’t even use the name “Blue Beetle” until page 186.

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2 Responses to Robots & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    doesn’t the whole robot concept go against the whole silber concept (ie the handwriting and personalizing etc. . . .) ?

    • Yes, it does run counter-intuitive to a lot of what Silber is about & that’s why I’ve resisted trying to do something like it for so long. But much like the Start page that I made (& virtually no one uses), it will predominantly be made a resource for me to keep in touch with these few hundred websites & I’m hoping end up a service to drive traffic to sites I like & help more people be aware of the sites. If it does end up a workable thing that could generate traffic & potential advertising income, maybe I’ll try to make some pages that are truly robotic about things I don’t care about to help support Silber. I don’t know. I like the idea of having robots do things I’d do myself if I had the time & knowledge more so than having them do tedious tasks. I’m trying to come up with something to be excited & hopeful about lately & to be honest, it’s pretty hard with how things have been in 2012.