Demo, Small Life Form, Interview

I got emailed a demo blast today sent to me & 20 other labels.  Don’t worry, I didn’t listen to it.  Anyway I decided to look up some of the labels to see about interviewing them for the label owner interview series for QRD.  Out of 20 labels only 5 had updated their website in the past year.  I can’t figure out if I’m more depressed by that many labels closing or somebody doing that poor of research to shop their record.

Here’s a video from the Small Life Form gig the other night.

An interview I did recently about my mini-comics just went up at Buy Indie Comics.

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3 Responses to Demo, Small Life Form, Interview

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    possibly they all went strictly facebook. I’m finding this to be the case with many biz/bands/etc. . . which is shitty to me since that’s blocked at work so i have a smaller window of time to look into things.

    • That is pretty retarded since I don’t think Facebook lets you sell stuff on their pages & to me is really not very pleasing to try to navigate on for band pages. It seems like either most bands don’t have music up or don’t have it up so it’s easily found. I read an article about how bands can increase their audience interaction on Facebook & their solution was funny cat pictures….

      • GoddakkAttack says:

        yeah but i think these companies use other methods to sell ie bandcamp, amazon, reverbnation, cdbaby, etc. . . . frees them up from putting the work into web development and all they have to do is palce a widget.

        i’m under the impression people don’t go to fb to find new music, just to share and like what they already know.