Days Missing

When I miss blogs it means something is up.  But in this case I’m not sure what.

Assembled a bunch of mini-comics & got this whole batch of promo sent out finally.

Just A Man (the cartoon/slideshow version) got an honorable mention at the film festival.

Made some possible connections at the film festival for the future with music placement & such.  We’ll see if anything comes to fruition.

A bunch of reviews came in the past couple of days & I still need to do a quick follow-up for this week.  Maybe one that encourages people to check out the music on car rides.

One of my main distributors has literally sold zero copies of the Vlor disc.  I’m really confused & bummed out about it.  Was their a glitch & it didn’t get in their catalog?  I don’t know, but it doesn’t make me happy.

My quest for what I believe to be a reasonable price for my digital download store continues.  The newest quote was, “You’re going to need to upgrade your whole site & learn new software & pay over $1000.”  I think I’d rather give things away.  I’m hoping for $300.  I don’t know, I know some folks who have download shops (ebook based instead of music based) who don’t even worry about the expiration or people illegally linking/downloading.  Maybe I should go that route.  Or just the donations route.  I don’t know.  I tend to think putting a price on music is a good idea because it gives it value.

New “pet peeve” – when sites that specialize in pirating music/movies/etc have “copyright 2009″ on their site.  So your work/copyright are of value but no one else has a fundamental right to their intellectual property.  Interesting.  If music is meant to be free; then so are all ideas, objects, & services.  Maybe they are all meant to be free, but as long as I need to pay for food I need to charge for music….

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