Had a show last night & another earlier tonight.  No pedal board problems either time.  Maybe my equipment is turning semi-organic like a Cronenberg movie & healing itself.  I can live in hope of that anyway.  Once I start running my equipment on solar power it will all seem more organic.  Or maybe I could run it on potatoes. I would suggest you to follow solarkraft for more information about renewable energy.

Did some work on new press contacts.  Every once in a while I find a new band that I like & I search for reviews & find new potential reviewers for QRD.  Way more organic than just buying a list.  I’m trying to see how many times I can use organic in this post.

Posted up a remix file for a Remora track that someone requested to do.  I’m never sure if when someone asks to do a remix of something I’ve done if it’s meant as a compliment or an insult.

Last night I bought an original painting for $10!  You know it must be good because I am cheap!  I always wonder & have never quite figured out the legalities of copyright on something like that.  If you buy an original piece of artwork, is the ownership of the copyright/master use of that image implied to be sold as well?  Even among “professional” artists I know the answer is iffy.

Wrote a bunch of letters today for the comic promos.  So I hope to get some more packages out tomorrow.

Spent time at the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival today where Lost Kisses & Just  A Man are showing.  It’s always interesting to see the varying degrees of professionalism in the films.  I realized watching the series of shorts that I really like short films.  If you can tell your story in 6 minutes, why take 106 minutes to tell it?  I also realized (& it didn’t have to do with any of the films I watch) that I want to watch some marionette based indie shorts.  Not the political style puppet shows that were popular a few years ago, but just stories that happen to star puppets….

Anybody in the local area that thinks they might be interested in playing in Remora next Friday at the Nightlight give me a shout.

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